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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cutris Wears Out Shoes

Cutris Wears Out Shoes
November 24, 2008
UnAssociated Press

Cutris has returned home to Minnesota! At a news conference in St. Paul’s east side, Cutris told reporters about his journey home after his trip to the moon aboard his homemade flying saucer, crash-landing and subsequent bouncing to Africa in his protective suit, and then flying a WW2 German airplane, crash-landing in Libya, bouncing into the Atlantic Ocean, rescue by Norwegian fishermen, transfer to Massachusetts, before finally walking nearly 1,500 miles home.

“It took me all weekend and part of Monday to make it home.” Said Cutris; “I traded my protective suit to the owner of Fong’s Chinese Buffet for a meal and a bamboo tube filled with rice for my journey. I jogged through much of Pennsylvania to save time, and took a 5-minute break in Elkhart, Indiana before walking past Chicago, through Wisconsin and back home.”

Cutris seemed to be in good spirits and good health, except for a slight scratch that appeared to be mostly healed on his right, index finger –allegedly sustained during his reentry to Earth. He did say that he now needed a new pair of shoes.

“My shoes pretty much wore out by the time I got back to Minnesota,” said Cutris, I’ll probably have to buy a new pair.”

Cutris' worn out shoes


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