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Thursday, September 08, 2016

To Goodwill Music Thief

To the person who stole all the good music CD's from Goodwill.

You have good taste in music. Out of the 8 or 10 CD's I opened because I might want to buy one, you had stolen the CD's out of the cases of 6 of them. Now I like good Rock music too, so I can understand why you chose those disks. I like to buy them. But I can understand how a scumbag like you might not want to pay the $1.99 for a used CD. I mean if you are a lowlife enough to steal from a charitable organization, then you certainly wouldn't want to pay for 6 (or probably more) CD's. I hope you feel good about it. Goodwill could have made a couple of bucks from me yesterday; but the CD's I wanted had been stolen by you so they didn't. Way to make a negative impact on society. I'm sure since I alerted Goodwill that some idiot thief has been stealing their CD's, they will need to remove the disks from the cases like other stores often do. I hope you enjoy listening to your CD's! Incidentally, if you are stealing them to rip them, the library lets you borrow CD's free of charge!


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