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Friday, April 01, 2016

Freedom of Speech No Longer Guaranteed if White

The idea of Freedom of Speech appears to be lost in the USA for those who are white. White People should also not wear dreadlocks, as this is only for Black People. If you are white, you cannot say whatever you like (also known as Freedom of Speech) because it may cost you your job—if people of another race decide it was inappropriate. Whether the comments were true or false is irrelevant. The fact that someone of another race took offense makes you guilty and a racist. Don't expect a second chance. You will be convicted in a court of public opinion. It is best to keep your mouth shut and try to avoid the stress as others seek someone like you to blame for the crumbling social structure and social unrest of misdirected anger. Your heartless speech about truth and justice will not stop the street violence, the anger at police or the racial tension. It will only get you into trouble. While others may walk through public areas speaking freely in loud voices, you should keep quiet. You must bear the burden of injustices that were perpetrated long ago. For you, Freedom of Speech is long gone.

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