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Thursday, December 18, 2014

CuTRis Hacks Into Sony: Restarts "The Interview"

CuTRis Hacks Into Sony: Restarts "The Interview"
UnAssociated Press
December 18, 2014

After the announcement that Sony cancelled the premier of the movie "The Interview," sources say that CuTRis has now hacked into Sony and reset the movie premier of "The Interview" for December 25th as originally planned! In a candid remark, CuTRis has indicated that he was initially unable to hack into Sony Pictures, but found that he could hack into North Korea, and from there he had easy access to Sony. CuTRis, who has his own (low budget) movie about Kim Jong-Un called, "Kim Jong Un is Dumb," also reportedly may have made fun of Kim Jong-Un before; once or fifteen times. At this time it is unknown if Sony will again succumb to the threats and re-unschedule the movie that CuTRis has apparently rescheduled.

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