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Monday, December 22, 2014

Best Thing About Facebook

I think that the best thing about Facebook is that you can see how boring and shallow most people are. If you knew someone in the past, you can look up their Facebook page. Some people keep it "private" and other people make everything public so the world knows how "great" they are. I like the men who publicize their hunting kills and riding their Harley and all that good "manly" stuff! Then there are the women who post pictures of themselves in bikinis or maybe they show everyone where they traveled and that they studied some other culture. The bottom-line, is, that if someone was self-absorbed and shallow years ago when you knew them, they probably still areā€”and Facebook gives them a great outlet. Even better, is Twitter! I mean when you can tell the world that you just now ate a piece of toast or used the bathroom, how "great" is that?



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