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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Do You Still Think Adrian Peterson is Great?

I for one, have been a longtime nearly solo voice saying that Adrian Peterson is overrated. I've watched numerous great running backs come and go from the Minnesota Vikings and the team has decided that AP is the greatest thing ever.

Plenty of Vikings fans feel the same way. Maybe because he is a good football player and he has a boyish smile that makes him likeable. But he is the poster child for a serious problem in the United States. The man has fathered numerous children—and been a "dad" to hardly any of them. The tragedy of one of his son's being murdered, is overshadowed by the child not really knowing his real father. Children need parents who show responsibility and can teach them. Sending a check to the woman you impregnated, does not make you a dad. You suck Adrian Peterson and this comes from a dad and a Vikings fan. You, and everyone who has children and takes no responsibility for their care and upbringing—you all suck too! It's people like you who are bringing our society down and compromising our children's futures.
Like Cris Carter says, take him off the field! It's the only thing these guys respect!

Take a look at these links America! Take a look at these links Vikings fans! What do you think of your hero now? Stop making excuses for bad behavior and save our kids!

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