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Friday, September 08, 2017

Why Does North Korea Want War?

Why does North Korea (i.e. Kim Jong-Un) want war? I think the answer to this encompasses more than simply North Korea. It could also explain what has been termed, "Radical Islam" as well. Essentially, there have been no updates—in... forever. The program runs, but it is weak and it desperately wants to show that it is strong. By firing missiles and rhetoric toward its longtime "enemy," the USA, it (i.e. Kim Jong-Un) thinks that he is showing strength. What he is really showing, however, is stupidity and a ridiculous disregard for life. You could compare it to a "karate guy" who is threatening an entire platoon of highly trained army rangers. The rangers watch as the karate guy jumps around and when he finally threatens too close, they shoot and he is dead.

So why do China and Russia support North Korea? Because they are all Communist countries—which means they are like family. North Korea is the oddball, mentally challenged brother, and they can only try to protect him even though he may be instigating the fight. Even though Communist, China and Russia have received some updates and at least outwardly, they try to behave and benefit from the global economy. In fact, China is doing quite well at the global economy (despite blocking Internet sites that the government disapproves of). But North Korea has not updated since before WWII. That's a long time to be isolated. It's no wonder that the mentality is a bit behind the rest of the world... except maybe in those places where Islam is still 2000 years without any updates (except for everyone has a smart phone now).

The World is full of dumb. We have plenty here in the good old USA. But the real progress does not always come from the leaders. Sometimes the people are genuine and kind if given a chance. In fact, if they are given updates they might just join the global "neighborhood" too.

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