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Thursday, September 28, 2017

NFL Protest: A Better Way

If the NFL players would really like to make a positive difference in society, they could start by reducing the number of babies that they are "fathering" that they have no intention of being "dads" too. Because becoming a father to a lot of children without taking responsibility for teaching them, making sure they do good in school, making sure they don't join gangs, or do drugs, or carry guns is irresponsible. It is also irresponsible to blame police for a problem that is largely the result of children growing up without good role models and learning how to be successful and responsible. A DAD invests time and effort in his children. A DAD cries sometimes because his kid is sick and he is up late at night with him/her. A DAD hugs his kids and tells them he loves them. It might be easier to blame the police and the country and everyone else rather than to take responsibility for your own actions, but in the end it solves nothing.

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