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Thursday, August 31, 2017

R. Rosicky's in the USA!

R. Rosicky’s in the USA!
By Kevin J. Curtis

Rock Rosicky was tough as nails. He had disappeared in enemy territory during his third tour of duty in one of the most dangerous places on Earth. There was little hope of his return now—some 14 days after he missed his extraction date.
Losing an operative such as Rock was not unheard of, but it was also not something that Major Schlitz liked dealing with. He knew Rocky personally and it was not only a huge loss to the Special Forces unit, but also a deeply personal one. Sadly, Major Schlitz was contemplating closing the entire project down and pulling all of his resources and operations out of the country.
It wasn’t that he was too afraid that Rock would talk if he was captured; or even that he had any really critical information to give if he was broken during torture. It was more that the whole project was now severely undermined and the idea that it was still a secret to the enemy forces was both in jeopardy and in doubt.
As the major shredded the last document, he reached for that bottle of local moonshine and was about to take a bump off of it when he heard the crackle of the two-way radio coming from the bottom of his desk drawer. Carefully removing the booby-trap before opening the drawer containing the radio, he disabled the mine that had been rigged to destroy both the radio and the person opening the drawer where it was kept.
He clicked on the microphone and spoke.
“Cobra one to Dragon two, please repeat.”
“Dragon two to Cobra one, all is well but, destroy all traces and abandon location. You have two hours to rendezvous for relocation.”
“Dragon two, can we extend the search, over?”
“Negative Cobra one, flee now. That is an order.”
“Roger, Dragon,” Major Schlitz replied sadly.
“Don’t worry Brent,” came an unexpected transmission.
Then the final transmission came through; breaking all protocol and transmission codes. But it was worth it!
“R. Rosicky’s in the USA! R. Rosicky’s in the USA! R. Rosicky’s in the USA! That’s all! Rock is in the USA!”

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