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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Neither Here Nor There: When Death Visits

While I knew he had been in a battle with cancer, the last I had heard from my former coworker was that he had beaten it. Today I received an email that said he hadn't. That same ending had also happened to my friend Fred about ten years ago.

Very early this morning, I had a dream about my friend Charlie who died five years ago from cancer. In the dream I knew Charlie was gone and I had actually talked to his family; rather than him. I had known Charlie and Linda and their kids for a long time. After the news of my coworker, Mark's recent passing I decided that maybe it was a good time to try to connect with Charlie's family. That was when I discovered his wife Linda's obituary—dated a little over a year after Charlie had died. I had no idea Linda was gone too.

So for the moment I am reeling in shock at the events of this morning. It started with a dream and the reality manifested itself during my day. It is rather surreal as in neither here nor there. Or perhaps it is both here and there. For now, I am here and they are there—wherever there is.

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