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Tuesday, April 04, 2017

When Spock was Attacked by Pancakes

I love the original Star Trek, but due to the age of the shows, the "special effects" are not always realistic—by today's standards. That makes it OK for watching with my preschool age son, because the "scary" things are usually just funny. Our favorite "funny" episode might be, Annihilate! Me and my son laugh about it because Spock was attacked by a pancake! You can watch it HERE; but there may be a "warning" that it might not be suitable for younger viewers (who may have fears of being attacked by flying breakfast food)!

"I'm a doctor not a short order cook! Nurse! I need a spatula!"

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Blogger LDM said...

He could not even use the vulcan nerve pinch! Pancakes have no shoulders!

9:38 AM


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