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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Into the Darkness

Yesterday evening after dark, in the rain, I noticed two separate drivers without the lights on in their cars. One was coming as I was turning and I saw her at the last moment. I tried to tell her to turn her lights on; but she was extremely angry with me for cutting her off (because I couldn't see her coming in the dark). Between the rain, people who won't stop for red lights or get over for emergency vehicles, this makes driving dangerous!

But this morning, I made a mistake too. I came out of the well lit bathroom like I always do but when I turned out the light it was completely dark in the hallway. So I walked for the kitchen like I always do; because we have a motion light that comes on. But I misjudged where the corner of the wall was, leading out to the garage. So now I have a good reminder to be more careful!



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