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Friday, October 07, 2016

How to Achieve Racial Harmony

It occurred to me sometime ago, that the key to racial harmony does not exist in government affirmative action programs. It does not exist in angry shouts and insinuations. It does not exist in guilt or forced regulations or any of the like. The key to racial harmony is my family. It is the family next-door; and all of the multiracial families everywhere. Because humans tend to fight over differences; racial or otherwise. They also tend to become interested in the opposite sex of the people around them—which often includes those who they may have had occasion to be at odds with. Then they intermarry and have interracial and multicultural children. Eventually this phenomenon makes it difficult to dislike a particular racial or cultural group—when members of your own family identify partially or entirely with that group. In other words, as people intermarry and our offspring become more "mixed," the division between the races is bound to begin to fade away into history. —KJC

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