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Thursday, June 02, 2016

Still No Evidence!

Yesterday, Federal investigators announced that they would not seek charges against the two Minneapolis police officers involved in shooting Jamar Clark. This was also what was found by the Hennepin County Attorney's investigation. Despite what groups such as Black Lives Matter would like—which is the indictment of two police officers who have endured repeated investigations—and repeatedly found to have not acted inappropriately. The allegations that Jamar Clark was handcuffed are unfounded. In fact, the eyewitness accounts are all inconsistent—which is what can be expected by those who bear false witness in order to gain their own political agenda. The medical examiner's report also showed no indication of marks on the deceased's wrists indicating he had been handcuffed. Yet none of this matters to some people who are pushing a racial agenda instead of pushing for individuals to be responsible and reasonable. The true fact is, that if Jamar Clark had been gunned down by another African-American, no one (except his own family) would even remember his name by now. Very recently a grandmother (also African-American) was killed by a "stray bullet" while driving her mini van in North Minneapolis. There was no protest over this because it was not done by police. It was done by the same mentality of people who are killing others wantonly in the streets of the Twin Cities and the problem has only become worse as certain groups would like everyone to believe it is the fault of the police. Wake up people. The truth is obvious. If you keep investigating and the same conclusion keeps coming up, maybe the problem is not the police. Maybe it is a lack of truth and responsibility. Maybe it is time to change yourself instead of blaming others.

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