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Monday, June 06, 2016

Miss USA: Too Predictable

I admit I only watched a fraction of the Miss USA 2016 pageant, but it was completely predictable none-the-less. I had been channel flipping when the final 10 were announced so I stopped long enough to see who they were. Later, my wife wanted to see the winner and so I predicted the outcome while everyone acted really surprised. While to me the whole thing seemed to be a fabrication based on political correctness, I can't really fault those responsible too much. I don't expect that this end result will include any public condemnations by any Kanye's or Jada's. Still, it seems pointless in the current political climate and insanity of liberalism to think that any kind of award will be issued solely on the basis of merit at this point in history. It is a shame; because I think that with the passing of both Prince and Muhammad Ali, everyone has acknowledged that real talent transcends racial bias. I expect it will take longer for the masses to catch up to the reality of things.



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