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Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Even in the Darkest Places

He was a sick and twisted man. He liked to gossip about the "sins" of others but he didn't see any of his own. He loved his sisters. Maybe he loved them too much. His attraction may have prevented a healthy relationship with a non-related woman. Well that and his inability to be responsible or get a job and earn an income. He slept late. He didn't like to work. He didn’t like to shovel or mow or do much except put pictures on his Facebook; because one day, he might be known as a great artist. He wasn't good at talking. His social skills were sub-par. His motivation nearly nonexistent. He let his parents support him and take care of him; decade after decade. But he still had lots of "advice" for others about marriage and raising children—of which he had done neither. He was talented. He could spot other people’s shortcomings and he was always right! He had computers and smartphones and cameras and Wi-Fi and Netflix and he didn't have to work for it! Obviously he was the smartest guy in the world and everyone else would just have to admit it! After all, he "had the goods on them." This one yelled at his kids. This other one was controlling. This one assaulted his wife. Only the sick and twisted man was "guilt free" because he had no one to do that to except for in-laws or perhaps his elderly parents. Was there a glimmer of something to be learned from his one-way rants? Although he was too cowardly to permit a response to his attacks, and though he blocked communications and hid in his room, he would sit up late at night and unleash his fury at those who made any reference to his irresponsible lifestyle. Ahhh Facebook. The haven of the anti-social. He was right that was for certain. He would always be right. But was there something to be learned from the opposing point-of-view? Even one as one-sided and narrow is his? Perhaps… but eventually one has to separate himself from negative people and mental illness and leave the past in the past. So the other man pressed the delete key and then blocked the email to prevent further cyber-attacks.

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