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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Are The Best People Being Hired?

Since the primary goal (especially in the public sector) seems to be increasing the number of non-white employees (for example police, teachers and high level positions), are "we" as a society hiring the most qualified people; or are qualifications secondary to racial percentages? If they are, then don't become upset when things are mismanaged and quality is compromised. I've said it before and here it is one more time... If I was hiring someone for a job in a company I owned or represented, why would I not hire the most qualified person—regardless of their skin color? I would be a fool to pass up the best applicant over their demographics. Yet, when this is practiced in reverse, it is called, "affirmative action."

My opinion is that until "we" stop making such a big issue out how many people of a particular group (qualified or not) are in a particular occupation, we will not only not solve the disparity, but we will further perpetuate the issues of poorly trained personnel and poorly managed departments.

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