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Friday, January 22, 2016

Business as Usual

I've actually been pretty busy in my job. But I have gotten pretty good at it so I can do it pretty fast. Therefore I can keep up with the current workload and do some other projects. Still, the manager had to throw another rewrite of some documentation at me today—with the (highly motivating) comment that I'm "not that busy right now." It made my blood boil. I said to look at "sent" mail instead of incoming to gauge the activity level. It seems that if I work fast and keep the customers satisfied, it translates into "not that busy" to someone who looks only at the number of unfinished requests. So should I work more slowly then?

MONDAY UPDATE: I just finished Friday's work. I haven’t started the stuff that came in over the weekend. I’m going to have lunch first since I’m really "not that busy." I might be able to start on today’s work this afternoon. It’s great being appreciated.

Updated Update: Apparently we have an office tattle-tale who is monitoring what is up on other people's computer screens. That is interesting, because I have seen lots of non-work related things on other coworker's monitors. It is my experience, that those who do this behind the back stuff are often the people who are the worst offenders themselves. It is interesting because many of us have something else up while we work. One coworker watches golf. Another plays video games. I know they all do a lot of work too and I would never have thought to make an issue of it.

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Blogger LDM said...

That has been my experience as well. The complainers typically do the least work. They spend most of their time back stabbing other people- no time to work!

1:44 PM


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