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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Your Bald "Joke" Not Appreciated

So you noticed I'm bald and now you feel the need to make a derogatory remark at my expense. You may not know this, but most bald men are pretty much OK with being bald. In fact, I have shaved my head and embraced the whole thing. What gets old though, is when people think they need to make disparaging remarks about it. Apparently, in our "politically correct" society, even though I would be shamed if I called you ugly, or fat, or stupid, you think it is all right to make fun of my hair (or someone who is short). Why are some things "out-of-line," while others are "fair game?" Just to set the record straight, if you make cracks about me being bald I won't think it is funny or that you are great. I will think you are an idiot with no manners. So be my guest and take your best shot; just don't act surprised if I don't seem like I enjoy it. And finally, "Hey baldy," is not an appropriate way of greeting someone. Try, "hello," you dumb-ass.

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Hey Dumb Ass!

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