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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Seventh Fairy

Alex accidentally shot a fairy. He blasted it with a 12-gauge shotgun. It was an honest mistake; the fairy was hanging out in a corn field and flew up when the labrador flushed it out. Damn! It was the seventh fairy he'd accidentally shot this week! He was hoping to get a pheasant. Fairies didn't even taste good—and the last thing he needed was another taxidermied fairy! He reached down and picked up the fairy. Stupid thing... he didn't really want anyone to find out that he had shot another fairy out of season. Finally, he shoved it down a badger hole and kicked dirt over it. Then he walked quickly away.

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Blogger LDM said...

I think they are quite tasty so I don't have that problem.

4:20 AM


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