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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

All Eyes on Ferguson

All eyes are on Ferguson now as it literally smokes this morning after burning all night. Is it a racist place? Maybe it is. But in the midst of the looting, shooting and destruction, could it be that some of the views might be justified? Who is doing the looting, shooting and burning? Are these the same people who are "crying foul?" Are the people committing the violence and crimes the same people who are seeking "justice?" Does anyone remember the teachings of Martin Luther King, Jr.? This stuff is all connected and all related people. If you want to live in a cesspool, then you are doing the right thing. If you want justice, then you are doing exactly the wrong thing in order to get it. If you are self-serving, and using this tragedy as a "justification" for your own criminal tendencies, then you are truly the source of the problem.

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Well Said!

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