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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Cottonwood Branch Out Project

I've come up with the idea to send four copies of Cottonwood to four members of the U.S. armed forces serving overseas. I found four candidates on Any These four soldiers mentioned books in the list of things they wanted during their deployments.

Inside of each book I will include this note,

The Cottonwood Branch Out Project

This book was donated by the author
for your reading enjoyment. The one
thing I ask, is that if you enjoy it—please
sign your name & location on one of the
blank pages and then pass it on. You may
also want to leave your comment on my
(Note the unique spelling of my name in URL)

I hope that eventually, someone will contact
me (thru the blog) and send the book back to
me after it has traveled significantly.

Thanks & Enjoy!
Kevin J. Curtis
St. Paul, Minnesota

Traveling Book #1

I have a link to the right that will serve as a way to keep track of any information that comes from this.

Project Links:

The Books Depart

Note* 10-28-11 I received a postcard from Sgt. Shawna thanking me for the book.


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