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Thursday, December 11, 2008

The New Shtick 9-Lives Razor!

Are you tired of razors with only two, three, maybe four blades?
Try the new Shtick 9-Lives Razor! ™
This revolutionary nine (9) bladed razor will cut through anything!

The first blade sends an email to the second blade, asking for permission to cut the hair.
The second blade calls the third blade via cell phone, to ask the fourth blade out to lunch.
The fifth blade meets the other blades for a conference which results in the sixth blade doing a feasibility study.
The seventh blade signs off on the project, causing the eighth blade to bend the hair over.
The ninth blade cuts the hair off for the smoothest most bureaucratic shave possible!

Try the new Shtick 9-Lives Razor! ™
Available at fine stores everywhere!


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