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Friday, December 12, 2014

Child Killer Arrested

A couple of days ago I was really upset to hear about this piece of crap who beat his 1-year-old son to death. If there is any good news, it's that the piece of crap was arrested yesterday.

Like I said the other day, I want to know who is going to protest about a grown man killing a baby? Because I know damn well, if any white cop had shot this guy while he resisted arrest, thousands would be marching in protest!

Here is something for all of you "so enlightened" people to march about.

Why are certain groups unable to elevate themselves when others do it every day? My wife came from an immigrant family, she is not white and grew up poor. She also has a BA in Fine Arts and a Master's degree in Education. My late friend Wendell, who was African-American, called the lack of values and priorities "slave mentality." He correctly realized that blaming everyone else for your problems was never going to fix them. I think we have seen that my friend was right. In order to make things better for everyone, a shift in attitude is going to be needed. Families need fathers who will support and be there for their children. Children don't need fathers who are absent or who show up to beat them. Mothers need to put their children's needs ahead of their own and ahead of men who choose crime and violence over family life. Strong families are necessary in order to grow responsible children. Education needs to be made a priority. Doing good should get you praise—and not taunts of being a "sellout," or "not black enough." Strong families help their children grow into good people. Strong families intervene when children choose crime and drugs. If believing these things makes me a racist then call me what you want. My child is biracial and I could not love him more.

I saw the pictures on the news of the now deceased 1-year-old baby. If this guy didn't want him, I would have taken him to be my son. I'm sure someone would have been mad about that—as I would have been "raising him white;" which apparently means having a dad who makes sure he gets an education and stays out of gangs. Yeah, that would have been awful wouldn't it have been?

Go and protest now all of you! Make sure to ensure the rights of those who break the law and resist arrest. Pull out the "race card", because white people would rather be labeled axe murderers than be called a racist! All of you should be really proud! Go protest and burn some stuff and never mind crying about that dead child. No, leave that for me. Because it is incredibly sad that a man would beat his baby son to death. What kind of world are we creating for the children? Does anyone care? Is your "agenda" more important than our kids?

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