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Friday, January 19, 2018

Crashed Ice: It's a Miracle!

The Cathedral of St. Paul

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CuTRis Becomes Combobulated

CuTRis Becomes Combobulated
Unassociated Press
January 19, 2018

Sources in the Twin Cities say that CuTRis became combobulated early yesterday and had everything figured out! Unfortunately, CuTRis then went back home and never told anyone the answers.

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Tire Trouble at 3 degrees

After having tire trouble on my car at night in 3 degrees Fahrenheit, I remembered how cold you can get when you feel chilled to your spine; and how dangerous a simple thing like driving somewhere can be in the winter.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

CuTRis in Vikings Front Office

CuTRis in Vikings Front Office
January 16, 2018

After the spectacular win Sunday against the Saints, CuTRis came out from the Vikings front office and said, "This team is for real. They could win it all!"

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Friday, January 12, 2018

"Shithole Countries"

I would just like to point out that calling a nation with its own government, occupying a particular territory (i.e. a country) a "shithole" is not in and of itself a "racial slur." There could be reasons for this view that are not inherently racist. In fact, most countries in the modern world have more than one race living in them—with a few exceptions in some countries that may actually be racist.

That said, if a head-of-state were to publicly refer to selected countries as "shithole countries," (and I was not there to actually hear it and have yet to see a video proving it; so it may or may not be true) that could in many people's minds, make that leader something of a "shithole."

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Driving in Yesterday's Rain/Ice/Snow Storm

I have to admit on those hills and starting out from a stop, I really like all-wheel-drive.

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And the Men Who Hold High Places...

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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Outside in the Cold Distance

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Star Trek Fight Music

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By Kevin J. Curtis

Serving on the council was something that Scrotius had dreamed about since he was a young child—dragging his small bag across the sand to play in his neighbor’s large orifice. The orifice encompassed nearly two city blocks and all the boys loved to play in it whenever they could. It was built to accommodate many of the games that were popular at the time.

But now he was a grown man; and while he had been elected to the council, he felt as if he had also been given the shaft; a fact that was all too true. The shaft was long by today’s standards. It had to be. Scrotius supported the entire moral weight of the community by waving his shaft frantically whenever something peculiar was seen near the public bathhouse. This happened with increased frequency since the new emperor had come to power. Promiscuous was a decent ruler; though a bit of a despot in things involving the public bathhouses.

By public declaration, it was now illegal to use the bathhouses unless one was wearing high heeled shoes. Thus, when as a member of the council, Scrotius was required to serve as the primary Administrator of Bathing, he or one of his minions (usually Marcus Downicus) was always at the ready to wave the shaft when someone arrived wearing flats. But one day that all came to a grinding halt!

That was because the most beautiful woman in the empire, Calpurnia Electra, entered the bathhouse in the Uranus district wearing only flats and a waterlily. Everyone was stunned by her beauty; and because the waterlily was a miniature and didn’t cover much of her physique. Scrotius was enamored and immediately sent his aide Dubious Meister to discover whether this woman who resembled a goddess was married or not. The answer came swiftly, and Scrotius was overjoyed to learn that Calpurnia was single—though sought by nearly every swinging dyke in the land. Poor Scrotius found out the hard way when he presented Calpurnia with a set of solid gold balls with the only stipulation being that she marry him that evening.

Not surprisingly, Calpurnia rejected both Scrotius Maximus and his golden balls when she used her flats to kick his balls down the street! The horror! The woman of his dreams played for the other team! Forlorn and crushed, Scrotius left public office and became a wealthy aqueduct repairman—specializing in one-hour service.

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Monday, January 08, 2018

Golden Globes Definition

The Golden Globes, is an awards show for celebrities to celebrate their accomplishments in a world of fantasy; where the participants' lives and the work that they do is a made-up version of the real lives and the real work that other people accomplish in a real-world setting.

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Pork Back Ribs

When the temperature got above zero, I decided to get my grill out.