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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Presidential Candidate Cutris, on Terrorists

Presidential Candidate Cutris, "weighs in" on Terrorists...

"Terrorists piss me off!"

Vote for Cutris (aka Kevin J. Curtis) in 2008. Terrorists piss him off!


Thursday, May 24, 2007

American Idol

There are few things that I could possibly care less about than who the next American Idol is;
even though I did meet Ryan Seahorse...

Superamerica Messes with Gas Prices

Yesterday there was a story on KARE 11,

about the fluctuating gas prices in the Twin Cities. They found that other areas where Superamerica wasn't the dominant provider, there was much less price changing.

My blog addressed this issue in March of 2006.

Superamerica never got back to me when I asked about their prices going up and down so frequently. I was promised an answer when I asked the question on their website. I guess maybe after 14 months, I shouldn't expect much.

Here's their website in case you want to ask.

This is why I choose to avoid Superamerica whenever possible. We don't need companies playing games with us.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

An Interesting article about racism in schools...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Forgotten Logic of Civil Rights

While working at the school, I’ve noticed an ironic and disturbing trend. The minority students that get in trouble (and put into detention where I work), frequently blame racism as the reason they get into trouble. This removes the responsibility from themselves for their own bad behavior, and puts that responsibility on society (or more accurately, Caucasians).

I find it ironic that most of these same students have absolutely no desire to learn or do well in school. In fact, their primary goal seems to be to disturb class to make sure that no one can learn. The irony here, is that all of the great civil rights leaders (like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.), preached education as the means to rise above oppression.

A separate bit of irony is that in the suburbs where this school is located, the kids do not have to have any gang affiliations in order to survive. Yet, that is what they want and pursue above all else.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


I killed a centipede this morning. I killed it with extreme prejudice. Out of all the cool bugs and things, for some reason I can't stand centipedes. Maybe it's how fast they are, or how if you only smack half of it, the other half might run away. Or, maybe it's because they are so gross -especially when the legs move after you kill it. How come you never see them outside? I wouldn't mind them then. I only see them inside for some reason.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Athletics vs. Academics: Horseracing & the Kentucky Derby

Just a day before Kentucky Derby 133, I am once again, reminded of the emphasis put on sports, and how academics has somehow slipped to a lower status. We can see this in the way that professional athletes are treated, the huge paychecks they receive, and how they are called “heroes,” though they are not actually doing anything more than playing a game –even though they may do it very well. Those who achieve academic excellence may get some recognition and good paying jobs, but few are those who will reach the status or wealth of a good pro athlete.

This trend has extended into the animal kingdom. The prize money and status of horseracing’s winners, is huge. A Triple-Crown winner becomes a historical icon. These Thoroughbreds receive the best food, training, and a lot of drugs. In this way, it is much the same as it is with human beings in professional sports.

But what about the academic standouts in the equine world? I once saw a horse that could answer math problems by stamping the correct (number of times for the) answer. This animal worked for a circus, and was not rich nor was he famous. Not only that, smart (male) horses are frequently gelded to make them more docile. This would not happen to a champion racehorse. They are encouraged to breed!

It is time that we pay more attention to our academic standouts, and realize that sports are nothing more than games. There are a lot of smart horses out there, that never become historical icons and that seems a bit unfair.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Cutris Solves (all but seven of) the Entire List of Problems Dealing with the Mysteries of Life

Cutris Solves (all but seven of) the Entire List of Problems Dealing with the Mysteries of Life
May 3, 2007
UnAssociated Press

Inside sources have reported that Cutris took time out from his busy schedule, to work on the entire list of problems dealing with the mysteries of life. He allegedly found the list on the Internet and printed it out before beginning the project. After working on it for several hours, Cutris was able to make sense of the entire list, except for seven items.

“Those last seven are pretty hard,” Cutris was quoted as saying. “I can try again in a few weeks. Maybe some of those ‘brainy’ types should have a go at it. Right now, they just don’t seem to make a lot of sense.” Scientists are now trying to verify Cutris’ findings, and they say that he has contributed greatly to the overall database of scientific knowledge by figuring out all but those odd seven mysteries on the list.

Whether or not Cutris will be able to solve the last seven mysteries is, in itself, a mystery. That very fact, has thus created an eighth mystery of life, which has as of yet, been unsolved.