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Monday, July 24, 2006

Grizzly Man

I watched “The Grizzly Man” last night.
It is about Timothy Treadwell (and Amie Huguenard), who were mauled to death by Grizzly Bears in Alaska in October of 2003.

Having spent a week camping on Admiralty Island (back in 1987) with my friend John, and some estimated 1,500 coastal brown bears, I was in awe of both the footage this man got of these animals, and also the reckless arrogance that eventually led to he and his girlfriend being dismantled by the claws and teeth of one of the world’s most powerful animals.

Treadwell filled his videos with his disdain for the government, the National Park Service, and humanity in general. I fully understand his feelings, since I am also of the opinion that more must be done to protect our natural environment and the animals therein. It is also true that Treadwell obviously wasn’t as wonderfully wise as he gave himself credit for being. The federal rules he blatantly disregarded, are in place for the protection of both the wildlife, and the people who visit.

Treadwell spoke of some kinship he had with the bears, and how anyone else who tried to live in their proximity would die, and he alone “loved them enough” so that he could survive. I have spent a week, camping in the wilderness amidst the densest population of brown bears on the planet. During this time, though I carried a sidearm (giving me a 50/50 chance in the event of an attack), I never forgot that these animals were merely tolerating me. I would not approach them. While I now feel a kinship with them, I am not so foolish as to think that I can walk up to, and touch a wild bear. Such arrogance would (if practiced enough), ultimately lead to an unpleasant death – just as it did for Tim and Amie.

Had I brought video equipment into the Alaskan bush, I would have likely recorded my feelings of being in awe of how beautiful the land, water and animals were, and how easily they could cause my death. Respect, not arrogance was my feeling at that time. I was a mere, insignificant human, interloping on the property of smart, powerful, naturally armed predators that were approaching 1,000 lbs. (453.59 kilograms).

Shattering Glass

My upstairs neighbor has a "party house," which is truly annoying. Saturday night I called the police after I heard glass shattering in the parking lot. The cops had a hard time getting in. I bet there were 40 people in that 1-bedroom condo. By morning, it was also apparent that they were playing a game of, "try to hit the concrete pool apron (from the deck) with a glass beer bottle." My friend who is on the homeowner's association board, assured me that the owner of this condo will be billed for cleanup. The party-girl (tenant) is also likely to be forced out, since she has done this repeatedly now.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


When I look back at the last three years of my life, it sometimes amazes me to think of all that has happened to me. I left all of my security and tried to follow a dream.
I must admit, I hurt so badly in my heart, that I felt real physical pain -both from leaving my friends and family, and then later when I left the broken dream on the banks of the Atlantic Ocean.

So many things have happened since then, that may never have happened if I hadn't taken that chance. I've experienced a lot of things because of it. My choices, right or wrong, have led me to this “place” in life. Very recently, something wonderful happened to me that would never have occurred if I was still living in Minneapolis and working for the county. I don't think I'm "done" yet.

As my American Indian Spirit Brother would point out, it is all about "the journey." I have become a very strong person, both mentally and physically. A couple of years ago I was severely emotionally injured. Those injuries never disappear completely. I have scars inside my heart from all those traumatic events. Still, I have learned to appreciate how truly fortunate and how blessed I am. Just in the past week, I realized that again, when something unexpected happened, and the events and my choices in life had prepared me for it. Today I am a pretty happy person!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Jen's Birthday

My friend Jen says I never put her picture on my blog, so here she is at her birthday party!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Jen's Birthday

My friend Jen says I never put her picture on my blog, so here are some pictures from her birthday party... No produce was injured in the process, and Dean's "smoke" was only a prop. Jackie was just there to make things look good, and Mark's pictures were too scandalous to make the blog... Thanks to Dave for his produce farming skills.

'sploding beer

I've had some exploding beer lately. Me and Dave make our own, and some of his Red-Tail Ale got a bit too carbonated, and exploded. It ruined the labels on some of my Gorock Lager, so I had to make some more. Today I put a couple of canned beers in my music equipment bag when I went ot Dave's to do some recording. One of them punctured, and I had another 'sploding beer mess! I guess I shouldn't transport them that way anymore. It was a convenient way to do it, until the puncture incident...

Monday, July 10, 2006

Recording Progress

The band recorded another song yesterday, and I am very happy with the result! We did my song, “All I Need.” The recording process is still a lot of work, but we seem to be getting better at it. We have found that we need to put the basic song down in the first track, which meant lead vocals, guitar and drums. I think completing one song in each (afternoon) session is doing pretty well.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Angel in the Leaves and Vines

I met an angel, and she showed me how to eat leaves and vines. She was kind of silly, and she tossed aside the fruit and preferred to eat the twigs and flowers instead. She was very beautiful, and very sweet, and I couldn’t resist her. Soon I found that eating leaves and sticks wasn’t so bad, even though I still preferred the pods and the fruits.

At first she only showed herself briefly, and then she would fly off again to her own land. I missed her when she was gone. Gradually, she began to stay longer each time she would visit. We shared secrets, and I showed her the places I traveled and we ate the fruits we found along the way. She liked my music, and watching me cook.

The angel isn’t here right now, but I know she’ll come back. I miss her when she’s gone, but I think I’ll be seeing more of her…

Monday, July 03, 2006

Band Work Session

Yesterday was another work session for the band. We recorded Dave's song, "Swamp Gas." It is kind of a Bayou sounding song, and it was fun to put in all the little enhancement parts! It was still a lot of work to get the levels and sound just right. Perhaps in a couple of years we'll finish a CD. I have suggested that we call it, "The Great Album." Dave wants to spell it "Grayt," for some reason and Pete just said, "FINE!"

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!

Isn't it ironic that after achieving independence from Britain, that Britain is now one of the USA's strongest allies just a couple hundred years later?

Isn't it also ironic, that our current government leadership is comprised of an elitist, wealthy group of people that no longer represents the bulk of the American population?

That's why I'd like to take this opportunity, to ask you to invite a couple hundred of your closest friends to join in supporting my run for the office of United States President, in 2008. Why not have some guy with no money in the White House for a change? Is anybody really happy that we have two wars going on (that we know of for sure), a crippled economy and a continually widening gap between the rich and the poor? Soon, there will be no "middle-class," and then who will pay for the astronomical National Debt??? When will we worry about the environment? How much cancer-causing toxin can we afford to live in?

If you are worried about the future of America (and you should be), then vote
(a.k.a. Kevin J. Curtis)
for President in 2008.
This ad was paid for by the Cutris for President Committee.