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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Teddy Bridgewater Knee Injury

The Vikings curse continues...

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Colin Kaepernick

It would serve everyone right if Colin Kaepernick went to play football for another country and made millions of dollars while doing it. That would sure show everyone!



That's Fronk-en-steen...


Monday, August 29, 2016


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Friday, August 26, 2016

Can't Win Argument

There is no point in arguing with someone who already has their mind made-up—who will cite impossible to verify “facts,” and will refuse to acknowledge real, factual data or ever admit that they might not be anything except 100% correct.


Thursday, August 25, 2016

Goodbye Mason...

Mason died on Tuesday evening. There was no hope left and life support was discontinued. We are heartbroken. -KJC

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Jay C. Hormel Nature Center

We also visited the Jay C. Hormel Nature Center while in Austin, MN.

It is a very nice place!


Spam Museum

We visited the Spam Museum in Austin, MN.
It was really fun and all free!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016


We love you "Superman."

Jay C. Hormal Nature Center

We also visited the Jay C. Hormel Nature Center while in Austin, MN.

It is a very nice place!

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Pray for Mason

My 4-year-old nephew is fighting for his life. I am very sad.

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Say a Prayer for Mason

My nephew's heart stopped this morning and he was rushed to the hospital.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Little Boy in Aleppo

 How can you not be moved to tears by this image?


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Lazy People Are Smarter?

While listening to the news this morning, I heard about a “study” that says that lazy people are smarter than everyone else. My first thought was,
”Hey! I know that guy!”
Then I thought,
”Wow! You posted all those pictures on Facebook? You need to rest dude!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Giant Puffball

I found this Giant Puffball today!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sheriff David Clarke: "Tribal Behavor"

Only a black man could get away with telling the truth about this. But it is great that he is.

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The Sky is Right...

This was the sky I saw this morning!

In spite of the driver (who was in a hurry) who nearly hit me this morning, or the lies that fueled the riots, or the people shot to death (whose lives mattered) by bad people with guns (whose lives matter), and the "good" job that didn't pay that well (that I passed on), or the work and worries that lay ahead, the world is still a beautiful place for the most part...

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Stuffed Peppers!

I make stuffed peppers about once each year when the tomatoes and peppers are abundant and in season. They were amazing...


Friday, August 12, 2016

CuTRis' Butt's Political Platform

CuTRis' Butt's Political Platform
UnAssociated Press
August 12, 2016

Though not committing to a run for political office, CuTRis' Butt commented today that if it were to run for President, it would flush away politics as usual, and wipe clean the political process—from the top to the bottom.
"I believe people are sick of the stench of politics!" said CuTRis' Butt, "We need to clean up the system before we fall behind!"

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Thursday, August 11, 2016

CuTRis' Butt for President?

CuTRis' Butt for President?
UnAssociated Press
August 11, 2016

In a totally unscientific straw poll conducted by no one in particular, it appears that if CuTRis' Butt were to run for President, it would come in 11 points ahead of Hillary Clinton and 642 points ahead of Donald Trump; if the election were held today. Tomorrow, CuTRis' Butt would win by an even larger margin! CuTRis has said that he will not run; and CuTRis' Butt was not available for comment. Though it would almost surely win, no one can be sure if CuTRis' Butt will run for President at this time.

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Dumbest Device on Cars

"Hey I have an idea! Let's put an extra button on the key that can be easily bumped to set-off the horn and flash the lights! We can make it so it only takes a single push to activate it—and you will have to press it a second time to stop it!"

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Trump Second Amendment Crack is No Surprise

When Donald Trump suggested that the Second Amendment people could stop Hillary Clinton from becoming President, it was shocking to anyone with any intelligence or restraint. To me, however, it was no big surprise. Just like the crazy gun guy who thought it was his right to pull a gun on me for taking a picture of his bumper sticker, Donald Trump is showing the mentality of the hardcore gun voters, that they are somehow, uniquely qualified to make the world “right” by putting enough bullets in anyone who they disagree with. We already live in a society where the crazy gun guy was released back into the population because he possessed a gun permit (from another state) and denied that the reason his gun was on his vehicle’s seat was because he had been brandishing it while chasing my car. So now this same society has “spawned” a dangerous and deranged, conservative political candidate to answer the backlash from people who are tired of the liberal, “political correctness” running rampant and unchecked in same said society. Is anyone else feeling underrepresented? Is there no middle ground anymore? So if you are surprised by Donald Trump suggesting that someone dispose of his political opponent by shooting her, don’t be. Because I know of a crazy gun guy who would agree with Trump. He’s still out there. He’s probably listening to Trump as he polishes his Glock. Many things we see and hear every day are unacceptable and a lot of them are fueled by a pack of lies. It would be so unfortunate if Putin… I mean Trump, were elected to the top office of our nation. It sounds too much like Germany 83 years ago. We should never follow that model or that mentality. I’ve heard quite enough already.


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Dakota County Fair

Monday, August 08, 2016

Osceola and St. Croix Valley Railroad

We rode the "Pizza Train" on Saturday. It was fun and interesting!


Friday, August 05, 2016

Make Minimum Wage $112 Per Hour

Right now people are involved in a controversy about raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour. Well I think that is just stupid! The minimum wage should be raised to $112 per hour so that everyone can be rich! Think about it. If you don't need an education or any experience and you can still make $15 per hour; so what? Lots of people make that much who do have an education and experience. So what have you accomplished? Nothing!!! Make the minimum wage $112 per hour so that everyone can make a lot of money! And I don't want to hear a lot of crap about inflation; or "how are we going to pay for that?" That is ridiculous! We'll pay for it because we'll all be rich; that's how! So what if my McDonald's hamburger goes from $1.29 to $1.50? I'll be making $112 per hour? See how that works? Nobody will even need to go to college anymore! Why go to college when you can make $112 per hour no matter what? This is win-win people! I can't believe anyone would be against making $112 per hour! If we run out of money, we can just print some more!

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What a Difference a Day Makes!

Yesterday, I took a picture of Lake Owasso just before the storm rolled through. Today I took it again. The first picture almost looks as if it is in black & white.

08/04/2016  -  6:54 AM

08/05/2016  -  6:50 AM

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Thursday, August 04, 2016

Babe the Blue Ox Finds Paul Bunyan's Whiskey!

Paul Bunyan's bottle is a total loss, but Babe was back up after sleeping it off.

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Trump and the Anti-Trump Republicans

In all my years on this Earth, as a citizen of these United States, I can’t remember a Presidential election that featured a party’s nominee who was so disliked by his own political party! My prediction of what would happen if Donald Trump were nominated by the Republican Party was only partly correct. I thought that in an election, Trump would lose soundly to the (to any) Democratic opponent. In reality, however, this may not be the case. It seems that there are an awful lot of gun waving people who are sick of political correctness—and I get that. Political Correctness as a whole, has fallen off the deep end—into an abyss of hysteria and jumbled "facts." In essence, it is running out-of-control and is borderline insane. Most people (especially white people) are afraid to acknowledge this deviation from the actual truth—and even if some know better it is a method to push an agenda. So yes, there are a lot of people who will side with the guy (Trump) who dislikes immigrants (unless he's married to her), and anyone who is not rich and white like he is. The interesting thing to me, is that it is (often high-ranking) members of the Republican party, who are turning against the embattled Republican nominee! I, personally, have never witnessed such a mass dislike for a candidate; by his own party! Rather than the people deciding in an election (because Democrat Hillary Clinton is no big favorite), it seems that the Republicans (at least those who can see the destructive nature of Trump) themselves will ultimately decide this presidential contest in favor of the "lesser of the two evils!" Wow! That's entertainment!

Oh... by-the-way Trump, "you're fired!"

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To Floss or Not to Floss?

The new "data" that there is no proof that flossing your teeth is beneficial is just one of many "scientific" reports that is designed to sway us one way or the other. I've been around long enough to have seen a lot of these. I've also seen their counter reports. Eggs are bad! Wait... eggs aren't that bad if you eat one per day. Butter is bad! Wait, it might be better than margarine... Coffee, beer, wine—all bad! Wait!!! They all have flavonoids that are good for you!!!

So if it's just the same to all of you, I'm going to keep flossing my teeth every morning. I found out a while ago, that I do it "wrong" anyway; because I floss first and then brush. Apparently you brush first—which never made sense to me because I think my floss loosens stuck particles that are cleaned away during brushing. But then I'm no "expert." Still, I intend to keep flossing and to keep doing it the "wrong way" just the same...


Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Restroom Out-of-Order

"Oh crap!"

"Second floor???"

"I'm not sure I'll make it!"

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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Oh Deer!

Near Lake Owasso.