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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Cutris Finds Meaning of Life

Cutris Finds Meaning of Life
UnAssociated Press
March 28, 2006

It was reported today, that Cutris has found the true meaning of life. He found it under a piece of bark lying against some moss near a cottonwood tree by the river. He is fiercely guarding the secret, while preparing his next move.

Some say he will give it to the world as his legacy. Others claim he is planning to sell the secret on eBay. Whatever he intends to do with the secret, remains a secret.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Spring Break

I am into the beginning of Spring Break. I have seven days away from the detention kids. I've been working on my condo. Yesterday I installed a new light in the bathroom, and I finished removing the last of the wallpaper. Today I will be scrubbing glue off of the walls and prepping them for painting.

As I go along, it becomes a bigger job because I see more things that I want to do. The bedroom had a (fairly) fresh coat of white paint in it, and I thought I might be able to live with that room the way it is. Then, yesterday, I decided that I might as well paint that one (blue) too. If I have to go through all the work of removing wallpaper, scrubbing, spackling and sanding in three other rooms and a hallway, how much trouble would it be to paint over the bedroom?

I guess I better get to work. Isn't Spring Break great?

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I'm smiling...

I had a nice evening out last night, and I woke up happy.
Not even the evil-one, the office Grand Pooba1 could ruin my morning.
Spring Break starts tomorrow!

1the office Grand Pooba: A (late) middle-aged woman who has an over-zealous need to be bossy and get in everyone’s business.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Wallpaper Sucks

I hate wallpaper. I have been removing it for a couple of hours each day. Currently I'm using a steamer to get the crap off of the walls. Then, I have to scrub the glue off. Then, it is time to spackle and sand. Eventually, I hope to mask and paint. Fortunately I have a week off for spring break (next week).

Wallpaper sucks. Especially old wallpaper from the 1970's.
When I'm done though, my condo will look wonderful!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Saddam Hussein Trial

Any questions?

Vikings are UnDaunted

Vikings are UnDaunted
By Cutris
March 15, 2006

The Minnesota Vikings traded Daunte Culpepper yesterday, for two boxes of Gatorade cups. Clodhopper had been injured last season, and soon after, the Vikings began to win. Despite his injury, losing season and legal troubles off the field, Daunte Clodhopper decided to ask for a raise in his already rather large salary, and he also indicated that he wanted to be traded. He got his wish, and if he passes his physical, he will be playing for the Miami Dolphins.

Culpepper was part of a two-part strategy designed under former coach Dennis Green and former owner Red McCombs. They thought that a team, could be made up of just two players; Daunte Culpepper and Randy “I play when I want to” Moss. Randy Moss was also traded due to his idiotic and completely disrespectful nature. Once he was gone though, Clodhopper seemed lost. He kept looking for Moss down the field, and didn’t seem to understand that Randy had been traded.

When asked about the trade of his “star” quarterback, new owner Ziggy Wilf, said, “We really needed those Gatorade cups, and Daunte was awfully expensive to keep around. It was actually a pretty good deal.”

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Why Wait Until We Lose?

I didn’t have any problem with invading Iraq, simply because Iraqi president/dictator Saddam Hussein ignored/disregarded the peace accords that stopped the first Gulf War.

Since the second conflict, the USA has ignored/disregarded the two primary objectives, which were, to remove Saddam Hussein from power, and find Weapons of Mass Destruction.

These objectives were met rather quickly (especially since WMD weren’t found). The USA is remarkably good at invading and disabling another country. What no country is good at is occupation. We should have learned that during the Vietnam Conflict. Obviously the lesson was lost.

Iraq is on the verge of a civil war. Indeed, they might need to have one in order to stabilize the country and establish a dominant order. Foreign influence is prolonging this from happening.

Eventually, the USA will have to leave Iraq. Likely, not much will have been settled at that point, that wasn’t settled long before. In short, we will have accomplished very little over a long period of time, at great expense and loss of life.

Unfortunately, our country’s leadership feels the need to stay in Iraq, and try to create a new government there. In the meantime, lots of people on both sides are dying. I don’t believe that we can, or have the right to “fix” the country of Iraq.

I understand that Iraq now has terrorists. That is the direct result of United States intervention. Saddam Hussein would not have shared power with any other political/military group. His removal from power opened the door for terrorists to move in.

The bottom-line, is that our policy in Iraq is flawed. Our leadership has no clue about how to end the conflict and pullout. Eventually, we will be forced to leave due to expense, elapsed time and public opinion. Why is it that we have to wait around until we lose? Shouldn’t we have left when Saddam was pulled out of that hole?

Monday, March 13, 2006


I got a call just before I left for work this morning. It seems the rather significant snowstorm caused school to be cancelled. I've already gone to the county offices to homestead my condo. I can get some work done on it today too!
It is quite beautiful outside!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Since I just bought a condominium, I’ve been removing wallpaper and working on the place. The other day I decided to sweep my deck. I live on the second floor.

As I swept the dirt into a pile, I heard swearing below me and someone shouted, “great now I’ll have more shit down here!” Then they slammed their sliding door shut. I was somewhat stunned, but I finished sweeping the dirt into a dust pan and threw it in my garbage.

The people below me, have an “illegal” dog. There aren’t suppose to be dogs in my building, but “someone” barks down there. This same person put up an “annonymous” note about not sweeping your deck down for first level to pickup.

I don’t know what occurred before I moved in, but I finally got sick of seeing this note over the mailboxes, so I put a post-it note on it that says,
"This is legitimate. Thank you. But be careful you aren't barking up the wrong tree. I for one, use a dust pan."

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Today I am buying a condo.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Nuclear Power

Back on December 2, 1942, in Chicago, man first initiated a self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction, and controlled it.

July 16, 1945, the first (manmade) nuclear explosion in history took place in New Mexico, at the Alamogordo Test Range, on the Jornada del Muerto (Journey of Death) desert -in the test named “Trinity.”

On August 6 and 9, 1945, the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed by the United States, with the first atomic bombs ever used in warfare.

Since then, many countries have developed nuclear power for both weapons and for more positive purposes, such as to produce electricity. Thankfully, nuclear weapons are not being used –due to their devastating powers. Such weapons do exist in great numbers, however.

The fear that someone may once again use nuclear weapons is as great now as it has ever been. With countries such as North Korea and more recently, Iran, now having achieved the technology, the more developed countries who already possess this power, are still trying to keep the others from obtaining it.

How can the USA or any country, tell another country that it cannot have something that it (the USA) has had for more than 60 years? How can this be controlled, and who are we to decide this?

Perhaps the plan-of-action needs to start with the assumption that other countries will have nuclear technology. Maybe prevention is not possible, without starting more wars. Can we, after acknowledging that all will soon have nuclear capability, try to find diplomatic ways to keep it from ever being deployed?

While you might not like the idea that someone else has such a devastating weapon, perhaps you can’t prevent it from eventually happening.

Now… assuming that we can’t pick and choose which countries will or will not have nuclear power, we, as a nation, and as a world community, should decide how best to proceed.

Variable Gas Prices

Why do gas prices change so often?
One employee of a SuperAmerica told me that corporate tells them to raise the price, and then lower it when the other stations follow.
Since then, I have observed that all the SuperAmerica stores raise their prices at the same time, and by the following day, they usually lower them again.
I hate companies that play games like that.

Saturday, March 04, 2006


When I go into the woods, I watch the wildlife and frequently, the animals/birds are doing things that contradict the books that were written by "experts." I always attribute that to the animals not having read the books.

Friday, March 03, 2006

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