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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Merry Christmas!


Why Does Only One Life Matter?

Jamar Clark

Hey Black Lives Matter Minneapolis. How come Jamar Clark's life matters but you aren't protesting 3-Y-O Terrell Mayes being shot dead in his own house? I think you might be backing the wrong team.

Terrell Mayes

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Supernatural Essential Oils

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Monday, December 21, 2015

CuTRis Briefly Announced as Miss Universe Winner

CuTRis Briefly Announced as Miss Universe Winner
UnAssociated Press
December 21, 2015

During an unfortunate blunder at the Miss Universe pageant yesterday, CuTRis was mistakenly announced as the winner. Although he was not present and was not even watching, the mistake has apparently affected CuTRis deeply. "I can't believe I almost won!" said CuTRis between sobs. After the real winner was announced, CuTRis consoled himself by drinking a beer and was "good as new" ten minutes later.

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Black Lives Matter MN Could Learn from 3YO

Early into my son's birthday party (at a fun venue) yesterday, one of his young cousins had a "meltdown" and screamed and cried and carried on until his mom took him home. He missed the party, the playtime, the pizza, the cake and all the fun! One might excuse a child from this but what about Black Lives Matter Minnesota? They have a list of demands that if not met (and they will not be met and everyone knows it), will result in a protest at the Mall of America two days before Christmas. Never mind that this same group pulled the same stunt last year which created a hardship for shoppers and businesses and that the Mall of America has repeatedly stated that it is private property and that such demonstrations are not allowed. Last year a number of arrests were made and the charges were later dropped—which apparently the very immature leadership of this very immature group thinks will happen again. Sorry Black Lives Matter, but when you protested (at least twice now) in the middle of a busy freeway and risked hundreds of lives, you lost all of my respect. Now, like a child, the group will test the system once again—so they can shout "racism" when they get into trouble. But that is how "we" got "here" in the first place isn't it? The group was born because when a certain demographic resists arrest after engaging in criminal activities, a sense of outrage is portrayed over the outcomes. So since the group is having trouble with understanding adult, responsible, reasonable, law-abiding behavior, I will tell you that if you choose to (once again) go against the rule of law, you may miss out on all the fun—just like the little boy who missed the party. I will not support you and I will not feel bad for you and I will not believe that your rights were violated. I will only believe that you made poor choices. It's time for some truth and some responsibility. And if you cannot or will not comply, then I hope the charges are not dropped this year because you have had ample warning and maybe only by "missing the party" will you begin to understand that those of us who follow the law are growing very weary of your crap.

Mall of America Seeks Restraining Order to Prevent Black Lives Matter Protest

Black Lives Matter Minneapolis is planning to hold its breath until it passes out if its demands are not met! If anyone dies as a result of this action it is your fault for being such a racist!

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Friday, December 18, 2015

Light Rail Racial Disparity

In a recent report that states that African-American and American Indian LRT Riders are more likely to be arrested for not paying as opposed to Caucasian riders more likely only being "warned," an important piece of data has been left out of the equation. That being what is the racial breakdown of the people who are not paying their fares? I only ask, because statistics are really only valid when all parts are shown. Leaving out key data can skew the results. That said, this is an easy fix. From now on, no one who is caught by Metro Transit police should be given "warnings." From this moment forward, every single person, regardless of race or other demographic identity, should be arrested and prosecuted. No more warnings. There now! It's all fixed!

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Putin Endorses Trump

Now that Vladimir Putin has endorsed Donald Trump, and since Trump has said that he would "get along well" with Putin, there should be no more doubt as to whether Trump would be a good President. I mean if a swell guy like Putin likes him, then he must be good huh? Maybe Putin can pick our other political leaders too. Pretty soon, we'll be as good as the Russian Federation! Because after all, don't we want to be just like Russia???


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

CuTRis Wins GOP Debate!

CuTRis Wins GOP Debate
UnAssociated Press
December 16, 2015

Even though he wasn't actually there, CuTRis is said by many that he won last night's GOP debate in Las Vegas. Apparently CuTRis called Jeb Bush's cell phone during the debate (Jeb had forgotten to turn it off), and CuTRis could be heard telling Jeb that Trump was fired!
The move apparently endeared CuTRis to enough liberal analysts, that he was declared the winner of last night's debate.

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Monday, December 14, 2015

December Showers Bring January...

Puddles? Ice? Global Warming? I'm not sure!

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Union Depot

We took our son to Union Depot on Saturday. We saw the "North Pole Express;" which was sold-out. So we took a ride on the Green Line instead.

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Friday, December 11, 2015

Office Time Warp

My boss who is on vacation, decided to answer her two month old emails at 3:00 AM this morning.

My coworker and I are not sure if we should reply or not since this stuff was all completed so long ago—and replying to a two month old email might just inspire four month old responses sometime after the holidays...


Thursday, December 10, 2015

Bonjour la France!

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Schools Have Violence & Racial Issues Too

A reoccurring theme in the news recently, involves violence in schools. The Ramsey County Attorney is involved as well as St. Paul Schools. In many ways, I feel like this is taking way too long to address—as I lived through these issues more than a decade ago. The issues I am referring to are about violence, bad behavior, racial accusations and the political backlash that prevents resolution to the core problems.
   While working in county social services in Minneapolis, racial discrimination lawsuits were common and often the biggest trouble-makers used the political backlash to their advantage. Later, while working in the detention room of a south suburban school district and also in the ALC, I saw that indeed there was a disparity in discipline; because school administrators were terrified of racial discrimination allegations. I had access to all discipline data and noticed that a particular offence (i.e. telling a teacher to "F-off”) was handled based on the race of the offender. White kids received out-of-school suspension for 3 days and non-white kids received in-school-detention (which is where I worked). It was completely political as to the punishment levied.
   As a society, we are now seeing this same thing at work as protests erupt anytime an individual of color comes out on the bad end of an encounter with law enforcement. This is not to say that there have not been cases where police reacted inappropriately; yet the current prevailing issue is that whether in a police stop or in a school building, those who are supposed to be in charge (and have the authority) are unable to correct bad behavior for fear of political ramifications and legal action. Until everyone is treated the same, until everyone is held to the same standard for appropriate behavior, until everyone is expected to behave responsibly and appropriately no matter their color, race, religion or demographic, we will continue to have violence in our schools and on our streets—because no one is allowed to stop it without being second-guessed by someone waving the "race card."
   When I was detention monitor in a middle school, I was threatened regularly by a 300 lb., kid who was in SpecEd; who was placed in detention when the SpecEd people could no longer handle him. At those times he was my problem and school administrators would not back me up—because the kid's mother had an attorney ready and willing to press a racial discrimination case at a moment's notice. As I have said before, this gets down to families, parenting and attitudes—of people of all colors! Some white people perpetuate the untruths to demonstrate that they are somehow more enlightened than other white people who don't play up to the politics of race. Some people of color have found political power in placing the blame on law enforcement and school officials and those whom have been entrusted to keep us and our children safe.
   We need to start accepting and seeing the truth as it really is; not how it appears on some protest sign or some chant or from some lawyer who wants to use this societal dysfunction to make more money. We need truth! Until we can all work together and agree that everyone needs to accept responsibility for their own behavior, we will have teachers beaten by teenagers and finally no one will want to be a teacher or a cop anymore—when we need them the most. —KJC

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Monday, December 07, 2015

Trump Talk

The interesting thing about Donald Trump, is that when he says the most ridiculous and even dangerous things, his popularity goes up. The rhetoric is not new, however. Likely you could go to any busy blue collar bar on a Friday or Saturday night and find at least one really drunken loudmouth who is saying something very similar. I guess I just expect a little more out of someone who might become President. Maybe that's just my issue.

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Thursday, December 03, 2015

Police Clear Protest in Front of Minneapolis 4th Precinct

It's just my opinion of course, but I'm pretty sure if I had started a fire in the street in front of my house and sat out there next to it that the police would have put an end to it in less than 3 weeks.

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Made in America: Another Mass Shooting

Yesterday there was yet another mass shooting in the USA. Apparently this is 355th mass shooting in the U.S. so far this year and the year ain't over yet.

What is the answer to stopping it? Ask the NRA, the GOP, the crazy guy who waved a gun at me back in May; and any of them will tell you the answer is more guns! Everyone must be armed if we want to be safe! We should be asking what type of firearm is appropriate for my second grader to carry to school in case his school is attacked by a mass murderer.

Or, could it be that adding more guns to the already gun saturated USA is like combating the smog problem by burning some more plastic—to cover up the stink?

So is everyone really still okay with all of this?

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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Scattergun McCuTRis