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Thursday, September 28, 2017

NFL Protest: A Better Way

If the NFL players would really like to make a positive difference in society, they could start by reducing the number of babies that they are "fathering" that they have no intention of being "dads" too. Because becoming a father to a lot of children without taking responsibility for teaching them, making sure they do good in school, making sure they don't join gangs, or do drugs, or carry guns is irresponsible. It is also irresponsible to blame police for a problem that is largely the result of children growing up without good role models and learning how to be successful and responsible. A DAD invests time and effort in his children. A DAD cries sometimes because his kid is sick and he is up late at night with him/her. A DAD hugs his kids and tells them he loves them. It might be easier to blame the police and the country and everyone else rather than to take responsibility for your own actions, but in the end it solves nothing.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Are All Parents Mean? Are All Cops Bad?

Are all parents mean? No of course not. Are all police killers? No of course not. Are all non-white people innocent and blameless because they are non-white? No of course not.

While I certainly don't agree with racial discrimination, I find it troubling that race is being used in our country to promote a social battle. Instead of focusing on how far "we've" come as a society, we are dwelling on real and/or perceived injustices. Some people might think parents are "mean" because they enforce necessary rules for their children's own good. On occasion, some parents might actually be mean; but hopefully there are far fewer of these than the "nice" parents.

There can also be "bad" cops. Hopefully, there are far more "good" cops than bad ones.

For someone, say someone who has already decided that children are always right because they are children and they never have to learn to be responsible for their own actions, they would always blame the parents. Furthermore, whether true or not, they would always accept the children's argument as truth. Does this sound like a good reality?

Such a one-sided viewpoint—regardless of if it is to the (political) far left or the far right is dangerous. In my opinion, people (on the far left) who cannot see through the lies that hold all non-white people blameless and label all police officers as "the problem," are exhibiting their own brand of backhanded racism. The results will likely be out-of-control individuals who have learned to lie to get their way rather than responsible people who contribute to society. Even more unfortunate, is that those on the far right will likely rally their allies and vote right-wing, racist, elitist, short-sighted people into political power (see 2016 Presidential Election, USA).

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

CuTRis Takes a Knee at NFL

As a protest, I will now stop watching any football game (or sporting event) if the players "take a knee" or otherwise behave disrespectfully toward the country that has enabled them to become millionaires by playing a game. This is my right as a free American citizen. This has nothing to do with supporting Trump. He has lost my support already. Now it's time to see if professional sports can do without me too.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Aldi Has Low Prices and Poor Customer Service

I'm a fan of Aldi prices, but recently the customer service (minimal to begin with) has taken a serious downturn (at lease at one St. Paul location). The issue has occurred 3 of the last 4 times I've shopped there. The price signs are different than the price at the register. For whatever reason, it appears to be beyond the abilities of the staff to remedy this and at least one manager likes to make it seem like it is my fault!

So yesterday I received a phone call from an Aldi customer service representative who told me that they have a disclaimer on their website and flyers stating that they can change the prices at any time without notice. I told him that it is illegal to "bait and switch" and he continued to defend their unethical ways. That was when I decided to end the call.

If you choose to shop at Aldi, make sure to review your receipt and make them refund any overcharges! I know it is difficult to get a refund when customers are lined up but they should be held accountable.

UPDATE: Last week after I reported this latest encounter with the customer service rep, a much nicer one called to tell me this was unacceptable and the regional manger would be contacting me very soon. Very soon came two days later, when the regional manger made the call that she didn't sound very enthusiastic about. Regardless, that brings us to my last visit to this Aldi. Here is my newest customer service feedback to Aldi corporate.

RE: ALDI - Case ID # 750651
That makes 5 out of 6 times I've been overcharged! After the regional manager called me and I was told price signs would become a priority, I was overcharged yet again! I was reimbursed when I brought it to their attention; but don't you think at the very least this is a very embarrassing statistic?

It was hot so I decided to buy some ice cream bars. They were clearly marked $1.99 in the freezer and clearly came up $2.49 at the register.

So ask yourself why now? This didn't happen a year ago. Why is it beyond fixing now?

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Friday, September 15, 2017

Likely New North Korean Leader

Likely New North Korean Leader
Unassociated Press
September 15, 2017

Since North Korea, under the leadership of Kim Jong-un, keeps on firing missiles in a dangerous disregard for life and diplomacy, it is possible that he, or North Korea could be destroyed if the threat continues. This brings up the question that if Kim Jong-un was killed, who would succeed him as supreme leader of North Korea? Since the previous ruler was Kim Jong-il and before that Kim Il-sung, the likely successor is widely thought to be Same-dang Kim.

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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Jason Mraz - Details in the Fabric


The Best Thing

The single best thing you can do for the world is to spend time with your children and teach them how to be respectful and successful.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Witness to Shameful Comments to Police

Yesterday afternoon I found myself waiting in my car, at an intersection in downtown St. Paul (MN) while a group of police officers helped direct traffic so that a large group of people (it looked like students and teachers) were able to safely leave the Excel Energy Center. In the three or four minutes that I waited, the officers very professionally did their jobs while taking abuse from a number of people who drove past in vehicles and at least one who walked past. Every single person who I saw, who was swearing at the police officers and being openly and loudly disrespectful, was an African-American. At least one of the cars with people exhibiting this outrageously disrespectful behavior, had children in the car to witness it. So that left me with a number of questions for these individuals.

1. Who taught you that this behavior is acceptable?

2. Do you believe that your disrespectful behavior is helpful to the perception that police are unfair to black people (i.e. Black Lives Matter)?

3. Is there a possibility that your behavior demonstrates (to police and bystanders/witnesses) that you are in the wrong rather than the police?

4. Have the children in the car who witnessed the adults in the (same) car showing disrespect to the police officers, now been shown (or taught) a behavior that could ultimately put them in danger at some future time during some potential encounter with law-enforcement?

5. How is it that adults, can act in such an immature fashion? How can they not know how to properly act?

6. Does the possibility exist that the behavior I witnessed shows a systemic problem within a particular demographic?

7. Are there self-defeating behaviors—including never accepting responsibility for one's own actions, that are fueling the hatred and unrest to the detriment of not only those present now, but also future generations?

8. Is that what any of us really wants???

9. Who would you call for help if all of the police officers left law-enforcement?

10. Do you honestly think we would be safer in a world with no law and order?

While it is good that the police are being held to a higher standard, why should that not also include the rest of society? Who benefits if cops have to act better but the rest of the population is allowed to misbehave?



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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Vikings Beat Saints

Somehow, even though the Saints now have Adrian Peterson, they lost! Dalvin Cook, who is the new, rookie running back for the Vikings rushed for 127 yards on 22 carries; along with 10 receiving yards—in his first game for Minnesota in its 29-19 victory against the New Orleans Saints. It was a new record for rushing yards by a Vikings' rookie in his (first game) debut ever.

That record was previously held by Adrian Peterson who had 103 yards on 19 carries in his first game playing for Minnesota. Peterson got to see the record get broken since he now plays for the New Orleans Saints.

It's still early in the season, but it seems that so far, the Vikings may be able to win even without Peterson!

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Monday, September 11, 2017


Sliced Grilled Pork Roast

How do you make a pork roast in 20 minutes? I sliced mine and grilled it over charcoal. I was short on time and it was quick and tasted amazing!


Friday, September 08, 2017

That Red Light Meant STOP!!!

To the woman who drove through the red light and came within a second of killing me as I was walking in the crosswalk in downtown St. Paul this afternoon—your lack of attention/consideration, almost cost my family to lose "Dad." Slow down and obey the traffic rules!

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Hurricane 1 2 3...

Apparently "Hurricane Season" comes with a deadly, 1, 2, 3 punch this year. I hope it calms down soon!

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Why Does North Korea Want War?

Why does North Korea (i.e. Kim Jong-Un) want war? I think the answer to this encompasses more than simply North Korea. It could also explain what has been termed, "Radical Islam" as well. Essentially, there have been no updates—in... forever. The program runs, but it is weak and it desperately wants to show that it is strong. By firing missiles and rhetoric toward its longtime "enemy," the USA, it (i.e. Kim Jong-Un) thinks that he is showing strength. What he is really showing, however, is stupidity and a ridiculous disregard for life. You could compare it to a "karate guy" who is threatening an entire platoon of highly trained army rangers. The rangers watch as the karate guy jumps around and when he finally threatens too close, they shoot and he is dead.

So why do China and Russia support North Korea? Because they are all Communist countries—which means they are like family. North Korea is the oddball, mentally challenged brother, and they can only try to protect him even though he may be instigating the fight. Even though Communist, China and Russia have received some updates and at least outwardly, they try to behave and benefit from the global economy. In fact, China is doing quite well at the global economy (despite blocking Internet sites that the government disapproves of). But North Korea has not updated since before WWII. That's a long time to be isolated. It's no wonder that the mentality is a bit behind the rest of the world... except maybe in those places where Islam is still 2000 years without any updates (except for everyone has a smart phone now).

The World is full of dumb. We have plenty here in the good old USA. But the real progress does not always come from the leaders. Sometimes the people are genuine and kind if given a chance. In fact, if they are given updates they might just join the global "neighborhood" too.

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Liberally Thinking...

After being in the first generation in my family to graduate college, and after paying for the entirety of my college education by working, and after graduating having been offered an interview by the only all black newspaper in the Twin Cities—until I showed up for said interview being an unexpected color, and having worked in situations where I was in the minority in multiple ways and sometimes treated very badly by people who said they were being treated unfairly; or by ultra-liberal people who practiced their own reverse brand of racism, I have naturally developed a skepticism for people who try to turn every issue, into a racial disparity issue.

So if you really and truly believe that you succeeded because of a thing called "white privilege," and that you owe everything to an unfair system, then yes, I agree with you that you should give your house and your car to someone who is poor.

Personally, after working to pay for my education that I worked hard to study for, and then working hard to move into a field called Information Technology, that I was not directly educated for—so I had to work extra hard to learn about it and become valuable in the that field, and then I kept moving up into better and higher paying jobs, I actually think that I deserve to keep the things that I worked hard my whole life for.

And if I am ever in a position to hire someone for a job that I am responsible to fill, I will feel it necessary to hire the best, most qualified person for that job no matter what demographic group that they represent. So I sure hope that if that day comes, the people who interview (with me) have done their best because I don't want anyone to tell me that race played a role in the process—because seriously, why would I not hire the best qualified person?


Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Keep in Touch!

I dropped my kindergartener off at his grandparents house and talked to him for a few minutes and then said I had to leave.

So he said,

"OK bye dad! Keep in touch!"


Hose Frog


Friday, September 01, 2017

Happy Labor Day!


Can You Be Ceased?

If you can be deceased, can you also be ceased? Mark Moore and I liked to contemplate such issues as we worked together doing Government TV. While we didn't always agree, we did always respect each otherand Mark grew the program into something we are all proud of. Goodbye Mark. I enjoyed our time together.