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Monday, December 21, 2015

Black Lives Matter MN Could Learn from 3YO

Early into my son's birthday party (at a fun venue) yesterday, one of his young cousins had a "meltdown" and screamed and cried and carried on until his mom took him home. He missed the party, the playtime, the pizza, the cake and all the fun! One might excuse a child from this but what about Black Lives Matter Minnesota? They have a list of demands that if not met (and they will not be met and everyone knows it), will result in a protest at the Mall of America two days before Christmas. Never mind that this same group pulled the same stunt last year which created a hardship for shoppers and businesses and that the Mall of America has repeatedly stated that it is private property and that such demonstrations are not allowed. Last year a number of arrests were made and the charges were later dropped—which apparently the very immature leadership of this very immature group thinks will happen again. Sorry Black Lives Matter, but when you protested (at least twice now) in the middle of a busy freeway and risked hundreds of lives, you lost all of my respect. Now, like a child, the group will test the system once again—so they can shout "racism" when they get into trouble. But that is how "we" got "here" in the first place isn't it? The group was born because when a certain demographic resists arrest after engaging in criminal activities, a sense of outrage is portrayed over the outcomes. So since the group is having trouble with understanding adult, responsible, reasonable, law-abiding behavior, I will tell you that if you choose to (once again) go against the rule of law, you may miss out on all the fun—just like the little boy who missed the party. I will not support you and I will not feel bad for you and I will not believe that your rights were violated. I will only believe that you made poor choices. It's time for some truth and some responsibility. And if you cannot or will not comply, then I hope the charges are not dropped this year because you have had ample warning and maybe only by "missing the party" will you begin to understand that those of us who follow the law are growing very weary of your crap.

Mall of America Seeks Restraining Order to Prevent Black Lives Matter Protest

Black Lives Matter Minneapolis is planning to hold its breath until it passes out if its demands are not met! If anyone dies as a result of this action it is your fault for being such a racist!

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