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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Trump Second Amendment Crack is No Surprise

When Donald Trump suggested that the Second Amendment people could stop Hillary Clinton from becoming President, it was shocking to anyone with any intelligence or restraint. To me, however, it was no big surprise. Just like the crazy gun guy who thought it was his right to pull a gun on me for taking a picture of his bumper sticker, Donald Trump is showing the mentality of the hardcore gun voters, that they are somehow, uniquely qualified to make the world “right” by putting enough bullets in anyone who they disagree with. We already live in a society where the crazy gun guy was released back into the population because he possessed a gun permit (from another state) and denied that the reason his gun was on his vehicle’s seat was because he had been brandishing it while chasing my car. So now this same society has “spawned” a dangerous and deranged, conservative political candidate to answer the backlash from people who are tired of the liberal, “political correctness” running rampant and unchecked in same said society. Is anyone else feeling underrepresented? Is there no middle ground anymore? So if you are surprised by Donald Trump suggesting that someone dispose of his political opponent by shooting her, don’t be. Because I know of a crazy gun guy who would agree with Trump. He’s still out there. He’s probably listening to Trump as he polishes his Glock. Many things we see and hear every day are unacceptable and a lot of them are fueled by a pack of lies. It would be so unfortunate if Putin… I mean Trump, were elected to the top office of our nation. It sounds too much like Germany 83 years ago. We should never follow that model or that mentality. I’ve heard quite enough already.


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