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Thursday, December 04, 2014

How to Fix White Cops Killing Black People

White cops should never go into black neighborhoods. 911 callers should identify their race before police are sent. If the caller is black, only black cops should respond. If no black cops are available, no police should respond. If the parties involved are of multiple races, an equal proportion of like-race police officers must be assembled before responding to the call for help. While responding, officers will only be allowed to interact with or arrest people who are of the same race as they are. This and only this will keep us all safe from white cops and ensure the safety of blacks.

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Blogger CuTRis said...

I'm just curious if anyone (else) has noticed that all of these police brutality cases seem to begin with someone who doesn't comply with the officers? Because I have to think that these things would have gone much differently if the unfortunate people who died were not resisting. Perhaps they didn’t “deserve” to die, but isn’t it a bad policy to resist arrest and mouth off to police officers when you are confronted—especially if you have been disobeying the law?

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