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Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Another Unarmed Black Man Gunned Down

Yet another Black man was gunned down in the streets of America! This cowardly murder caused no unrest. It caused no protests. No businesses were burned. Nothing was looted. No sensational news stories were created. No one got on TV and shouted about racism or about excessive violence. Hardly anyone even noticed that another Black man was shot and killed at the hands of an African-American shooter. After-all, this sort of thing happens every day in every large city in America. There is no political gain for anyone to make anything more of it. There is no agenda to push. Yet the body count keeps going up. People keep dying. It is best for us to focus on the high-profile incidents, that can further damage the fragile balance of racial relations within the fabric of society. It is best to forget the number of dead; and focus only on the minor issues that can generate the most hostility and the most political sympathies. Long live the era of bullshit! The truth means nothing!

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