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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Rebuilt Kirby $129.95

In about 1998, my friend Pete (who is the drummer in our band) had a seizure while driving and had a bad accident. He was in the hospital and then laid up in a nursing home for a long time after. I went to visit him regularly and eventually, he was able to leave and walk out on his own—with the aid of some crutches.

Now about this time, I happened to notice a sign outside of a vacuum store in Richfield; that advertised a rebuilt Kirby for $129.95. With Pete’s last name being Kirby, I had this idea…

So after Pete was out in the world again, while he was riding with me in my car, I pulled over and told him to stand under that sign. Then I snapped this picture with my old 35MM camera. Eventually Dave scanned the picture and I found it in the folder called, “Kevin” on his computer. So, here is the classic “Rebuilt Kirby” photo!



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