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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Nice Guy That Air Force Dude!

Yesterday I decided to pickup a sandwich from Subway before going to band. When I got to the Subway store, I walked up to the door at the same time as did this young man dressed in U.S. Air Force attire. He reached out and opened the door for me. Once inside, I motioned for him to go ahead of me in line. We both ordered and as he was paying, he told the cashier that he was buying my sandwich too. I protested that he didn't have to do that and I could pay for my own. He insisted and the cashier took his money for both orders. I told him that I appreciated the gesture and he said that he appreciated me letting him go first in line. All I could think is that this was a really nice guy. Maybe there is hope for the future with a few young people like this in the world.



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