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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hey America! Protest this!!! This is REAL!

Somebody should protest about adults killing babies! What the hell is wrong with America? We've got IDIOTS protesting about white cops killing black criminals who resist arrest; but does anybody have the guts to protest when an adult assaults and kills a one-year-old child? What kind of screwed-up society is this?

Brooklyn Park Police Search for Man after Death of 1-Year-Old

America needs some independent thinkers. We've got plenty of people who will join the mob and pretend like they have admirable motives. If you want to do something "good," protest people who hurt and kill children, old people, animals and anyone who can't defend themselves!

And by-the-way America, when you send the police out to arrest this child killer, make sure you don't send any white cops...

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