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Monday, December 15, 2014

"Doctor Consult"

Most of the time, doctors don't really know what's going on when something happens to you. They get together and talk over some possibilities; and then they charge a lot for not knowing. Me and my friend Dave both had a parent in the hospital recently after something unexpected and somewhat scary happened. In both cases, the doctors found nothing. What I mean is, they had no idea what happened or why it happened.

Here is an imaginary "consult" me and Dave had during band practice.

Hey Dave, why did that guitar string break?
I’m not sure Kevin; maybe it got strummed too hard.
I think maybe it frombled a bit when you played it Dave—I definitely saw some frombledge.
Yeah maybe Kevin, but I see no real reason it broke.
Me either Dave. Let’s charge $786 now for this "consult."

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