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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New England's Balls Under-Inflated!

Let's face it. Ball deflation is a serious (and sometimes embarrassing) topic! When I heard that the New England Patriots won their championship game with under-inflated balls I was astounded! "Were all of their balls under-inflated?" I asked. "11 out of 12" I was told. Hmmmm... There are 11 men on the field from each team; so that means only one of them had properly inflated balls? And they still won the game? While I was thinking about my own balls and how upset I would be if one of them deflated, I began to marvel that the Patriots had won the game so decisively! I mean if someone was going to cheat, I would think poorly inflated balls would be a difficult thing to pull off! Would you have some reverse-inflation gadget in the protective cup? Now I could see if it was the Patriots who were trying to deflate the balls of the Indianapolis Colts, because after living briefly in New England I developed the impression that the Mafia was involved in almost everything. But how would the Colts have gotten away with it? At any rate, I have to give the Patriots a lot of credit—because if my own balls were ever deflated, I don't think I would be worried about a football game—even if it was for a championship! So out of the 11 guys, which one of the Patriots had his balls correctly inflated? Wait a minute! 11 out of 12??? There are only 11 men on the field! This is more confusing now! Are we talking about sets? Then we would have 22 right? And then there was something about separate balls for kicking??? Are you serious? Getting kicked in the balls is not fun!!! Man these guys play dirty!

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