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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

All the President's Oil

Recently, I've heard Republicans blaming President Obama for low gas prices! Hey! Wait a minute! Didn't they bash him for high gas prices not so long ago??? So what about when prices were in-between high and low? Was anyone saying, "Nice job Barack! Prices are at the 'just right' level!"
My thought is, that the President (by himself) has little to do with gas/oil prices, though the government (as a whole) may have significant influence. So why do people say these stupid ass things anyway? Well, probably because if you get on TV (or in the media) saying just about anything, people will be dumb enough to believe it. More so, some people will choose to treat it as truth even if it isn't—in order to further their own agenda. This could include the President changing oil prices; or even the idea that white cops shoot black people at an alarming rate. Even though these things are not true, once it is said, some people will hold it as the truth.

I have a plan to go on TV and say that my butt has purchased Canada for $3 (US) and a 5 oz. wedge of mozzarella cheese. I think I can get at least 50% of the population to believe it and 15% more who will choose to believe it. That means well over half of the people will think my butt owns Canada! Well... now I can see why this is so much fun!

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Blogger LDM said...

Does your but drink Molson now?

1:09 PM

Blogger CuTRis said...

My butt's a genius eh! You hoser!

3:13 PM


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