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Monday, January 19, 2015

Showering Daily: A White People Thing?

Did you hear about this "big scandal" when someone named Naya Rivera said that showering daily is such a white people thing? I guess a lot of people were pretty upset about it and I'm not sure if I should have been! I mean, white people only have the opportunity to get upset (publicly) about openly anti-white remarks (see: racism) about once every 57 years—so did I miss my one and only chance??? But I wasn't offended. I don't think there is anything wrong with showering daily. Or was it the people who (supposedly) don't shower a lot who are mad? Because I have known some white people that really could up the frequency of their showering a few ticks... This is really confusing! I'm not feeling upset but from what I understand, an awful lot of people were/are! Who are they? Do they shower or not? And what about this Naya Rivera person? Is she kind of stinky? How did this whole thing come up anyway? Oh yeah... The View. So do they ever talk about any important things? This seems so dumb! It's dumb isn't it? Yeah, it must be dumb.

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