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Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanks For Setting Me Straight

I hadn’t realized before you set me straight, that it was my responsibility to take care of your kids for you while you went out to do fun things. I thought such things were voluntary. I didn’t realize that it was a mandatory obligation on my part. Knowing that now, I can see why you were so persistent to make me give up my weekends, to watch your children. I understand now why you think I am negative. I’m deeply sorry that you feel this way. I can see now that you feel entitled to babysitting services and so much more. It was wrong of me to want to have my weekends for my family and our stuff—when I could have been taking care of your stuff instead.

I also want to thank you for the comments about how I should follow your culture. I understand why you don’t follow your culture yourself; because the rules aren’t for you; they are for me—even though I am from a different culture. Maybe if you decide to follow the rules yourself and take care of your own kids and your own stuff, you will be kind enough to give me some more good advice in the future. I sure do look forward to that.



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