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Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Since I recently had a Hmong guy make derogatory remarks to me, about me, because I didn't BUY my Hmong wife as demanded by Hmong culture, I will go on record as saying I did not buy my wife. I refused. I believe out of all the strange practices of this culture, selling your daughter for profit is perhaps the one I find most despicable. Aside from turning what should be love into a financial transaction, it also devalues women and makes them a commodity to be bought and sold like livestock. For the record, my wife bought herself. I would have simply refused, but she handed over the money in cash. We were two adults with our own homes and lives and I, personally, saw no reason to pay; but she did. I can only hope the following generations will free their children from the bonds of these practices. Incidentally, the man who made the comments found a way out of paying too. He refused to marry the woman. Instead they live together and have children together. No marriage and no payment.


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