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Thursday, November 13, 2014

CuTRis Blinded by Kim Kardashian's Butt

CuTRis Blinded by Kim Kardashian's Butt
UnAssociated Press
November 13, 2014

"I kept hearing that Kim Kardashian's butt broke the Internet," said CuTRis. "Then I accidentally saw the picture when I clicked on a link to read more about it. That's when I was blinded!"
The UnAssociated press has been careful not to include links in this article, lest some other poor soul should be inflicted with this horror! Renowned Eye Surgeon, Dr. Arlo Specter examined CuTRis and said his eyesight would likely return to normal in a few days. It's quite astounding!" said Dr. Specter. "I've never seen such a reaction before!" CuTRis sent out a warning to people to avoid looking directly at the picture of Kardashian's butt. Experts say that even with safety equipment, you could damage your vision.
"I turned away as quickly as I could," said CuTRis. "But I had already sustained a direct hit to my retina. The butt is very very bad!"

CuTRis shown after accidentally seeing photo of Kim Kardashian's butt

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Blogger LDM said...

I have a vice in my garage - I am sure we can stuff those eyeballs back in.

10:59 AM


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