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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Drugs, Guns & Daycare

I feel bad for any parent who had their kid(s) in this daycare; but not as bad as I feel for the kids. This is a good reason to check up on your daycare provider. When I checked this woman's Facebook this morning, she is "following" a "gangsta'" from Chicago, who has listed his job as, "CEO & Founder at Hit $quad". So anyway the police raided the house where this daycare is in East St. Paul. Amongst the drugs, guns and arrests, they apparently found a gun hidden in a child's crib! Wow! Seriously? So we now know why you wanted to be a daycare provider—so you could stay home and be close to your drugs and harbour criminals. But how could you put children in jeopardy like that??? Anyway, I know exactly where this place is so it was rather startling to see this news story.

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