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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bad Data in Education

Sending assessment scores with NO identification numbers is really dumb. It might be common in the world of education (where much dumb thrives unchecked), but it is NOT a good way to keep track of data.

Furthermore, pulling a student ID number out-of-your-butt, is also a poor method. These numbers mean nothing to the database. You should try using REAL numbers next time.

Also bad, is sending multiple (different) students with duplicate student ID numbers. It is my understand, that each student should have a UNIQUE set of identifying numbers…

And finally, when your numbers are already crap, spelling the student names in a variety of ways is also NOT helpful. Example: “William” is not the same as “Billy” to the database—and who the heck is AJ?

Do you REALLY know who got which score? I mean, just guess—because it would work just as well! Excellent work educators!

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