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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Buying Kid's Clothes as a Dad

I like to buy my son things when he needs them. In the realm of clothes, however, my wife is in charge. Many of the clothes I have purchased thinking how great they were, have been vetoed and rejected. Then, I have to return them. Sometimes it is because my wife says, they "aren't comfortable enough." Then I look at them and they feel soft and comfortable but since I like the old style blue jeans that stand up by themselves after a wash and line-dry when they are new, I suppose I could be a poor judge. Recently, my wife informed me that our son needed pants. What size I asked? She told me 5T. So I bought several 5T items and when I came home with them, she informed me that he is actually still wearing 4T. So the following day I went back to the store and acquired 4T. I returned home fearing that perhaps my son had shrunk a size or maybe expanded to 7T while I was at the store. Fortunately the 4T size was still correct (this time) and the clothes passed the various and vigorous criteria set forth by my wife; who I already said is in charge in these matters. Why bother buying them you ask? Why not let her buy them? Well, that doesn't work either. Then I hear that I'm not buying enough stuff. I actually buy plenty of stuff. It is often big stuff like the roof, the furnace, the new driveway, or most of the groceries, etc. But I will admit, my wife actually buys more things than I do.


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