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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Welcome to My World

It's been tough the last few days.

In my professional life, I'm part of a team battling a vicious computer virus.

In my private life, a friend and avid reader of my blog has accused me of being "confused and filled with hatred," because I support Barack Obama and I believe George W. Bush and his administration stomped on some of our (the USA's) core values.

We should not be involved in torture, and should not be allowed to imprison people indefinitely; just because that prison is in a foreign country.

Perhaps I am a liberal, but I remember after 9-1-1, that I certainly didn't sound like one. Still, I cannot condone the "anything goes" policies of the past administration, and the horrific way it makes our country look in the wake of such things as Abu Ghraib Prison. I am rendered speechless that certain people living in a free country, could so easily be persuaded to remove the rights of others.


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