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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cutris Retires from Politics

Cutris Retires From Politics
UnAssociated Press
February 20, 2009

Cutris has chosen this historic day to retire from politics, according to reports circulating the Internet. This UnAssociated Press transcript of a brief interview with Cutris, appeared today...

Press: "Your retirement seems somewhat premature. Though you unofficially ran for President, you've never really held a public office."

Cutris: "Exactly why I've decided to retire now while I'm 'at the top of my game!'"

Press: "But that's not really a 'retirement' is it?"

Cutris: "Was Brett Favre's retirement a retirement? Was George Forman's retirement a retirement? I think not."

Press: "Does this mean that you might seek public office again? Perhaps starting with mayor instead of President?"

Cutris: "I can't predict the future most days. That all remains to be seen. I understand the presidency ages a person much faster than normal. I don't need that."

End of Interview.


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